Take a Moment and Breathe Easy

Hello my name is Marcelino.

I hope this post finds you in good health and prosperous.

Now that we got the proper introductions out of the way let’s get on with Oscar’s Gaze!

I am a fairly recent import to the City of Las Vegas from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I’ve been here since the summer of 2014, and so you know right from the start, I am technically a cat lover.

I’m am also a firm believer in pet adoption.

Please take a moment and breathe easy, just relax, there will be no sermon today about why you should adopt your next pet. And as far as my preference to cats goes, again breathe easy, just relax, and trust me you’re uneasiness will dissipate in a moment.


My Cat Double “O”, still resides in PA with a former neighbor.

Moving on…

I had been actively looking to adopt a cat since the Spring of 2015, but there was always some type of distraction (purchase home) or hurdle (heart attack) in the way to trip me up.

Nevertheless, in February of this year, I got serious about finding a pet companion. So a little Google searching, midnight Craigslist viewing and trips to local animal shelters was my mission and routine.


My search for a companion was plagued by a myriad of miscues; animal shelters under construction, no staff available for meets and greets, and even an abrupt shelter closure due to law enforcement activities (little groups of people and lights flashing, etc).

Then at one of my Vet to Vet meetings, I vented about my difficulty adopting a pet here in Las Vegas. After a few more “frustrating adoption moments” expressed by others in the group, a close associate of mine informed me that PetSmart has cats up for adoption right in the store. I live four blocks from a PetSmart store!

With my new found information I went to PetSmart the next day.

Upon entry a big sign in full view says “Adoption Center”, I was feeling pretty stupid at this point.

Behind a glass enclosure there were cats in cages and there were several to choose from, hooray!


Nope, no adoption staff (volunteers) today, Sir, call the number on the sign in the window to find out when they’ll be here.


A few days later, without calling, an impromptu visit to the store since I had been shopping at another location within the strip mall anyway. Low and behold there’s a young lady in the Adoption Center cuddling a cat!

I take a moment and breathe easy, relax and then I began looking at the cats and reading their bio placards on their cages. I’m intrigued by two long-haired brown adult cats. Now, I’m thinking to myself whichever kitty responds to me I’m adopting TODAY!


From out of nowhere comes a grungy young man (early 20s) pushing a PetSmart shopping cart with ALL of his belongings in it (homeless/backpacker) to the Adoption area. He immediately walks into the glass enclosure without permission and begins a conversation with the young lady in his best faux cat lover speak.

After three minutes of ”Pepe Le Pew”, I got frustrated and left the store.

About two weeks passed and I was in the strip mall again and noticed an unusual number of dogs outside the store in cages in a roped off area of the parking lot.

There was a sign posted that said “Adopt Now” or something like that so I was intrigued and went over to the location. I was met by a nice lady who asked me if I was interested in a companion and was I looking to adopt?

Excited, I said, Yes, and she handed me the leash to a small blonde dog.

I said, ah, hold on, he or she is cute but I don’t know very much about dogs. I’m actually looking to adopt a cat. Oh that’s great, Sir, but we are only doing dog adoptions today.

I take a moment and breathe easy, relax, then I leave the area with a feeling of hopelessness and irritation. Aargh!


DIY Projects are Over Rated!

Another week passes and I’m in the midst of a difficult DIY rehab project in my home and upon completion I notice that there is no reasonable place for a litter box!

REALLY, Marcelino?


I’m not smelling kitty litter while I’m cooking and or eating!

The next day one of the craftsman who helped me with the project had to return for a tool he had forgotten at my home.

He asked if he could bring his dog Alex along,  I said it’s cool with me, as long as you keep him under control. He said Alex is no bother he’s just a little thing, he’s potty-trained and harmless.


True to his word, Alex was small and energetic, some sort of terrier mix and he made me laugh with his shenanigans in my backyard area. His owner seen us getting along so he asked if I could watch him for a minute while he ran to the store to get some smokes. I said sure, no problem, I had a tennis ball at the house anyway, so we played “bounce and chase the ball” for awhile in my backyard enclosure.

His owner returned, made with the small chat, then he said, Wow, Alex really likes you! And I said yea, he’s a cool little dog. His owner then says, man, you’re a older kinda single dude, you should get yourself a dog to hang out with. I said, I don’t know about all that, but, I just may consider getting a dog. They would soon leave and I thought nothing of it. Just a moment in time, right?


Meanwhile, Oscar and his sister Nadie are being surrendered by their previous owner to a local animal shelter (May). Myself I’m working on another DIY rehab project and pet adoption is the farthest thing from my mind.

It’s now, Saturday, June 2, 2018, in the strip mall again and I see the dog adoption “setup” in the parking lot. And I see a bunch of little dogs out front, (reminding me of Alex), so I decided it can’t hurt to look right?

Wrong, take a moment, breathe easy and relax, my luck is about to change?

Please continue reading this two-part introductory post(s) here, it’s titled, A Shaky One Indeed.


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About marcelino guerrero

An entrepreneur, grandfather, disabled veteran, Chiweenie parent and rabid Philadelphia Phillies Phan. Retired (involuntarily); I enjoy impeding the progress of important and obnoxious people while exploring new ways to irritate my primary physician.