Dobie One is a Craftsman

…Marcelino, AKA, Dobie One, exits the back kitchen door…Oscar licks his right paw three times in a circular motion…the nails in his paw begin to glow slightly red, then yellow and now bright green…goodness gracious Oscar has tapped into Marcelino’s iPad via his micro-chip! He begins tapping his paw on the floor of his Den …

…Good Morning…

What, seriously, you didn’t think I would reveal doggie secrets, especially TOP SECRET ones, in my first post, “One Paw in Front of the Other”. Let’s just keep this little secret about my Department of Defense issued micro-chip’s special programming between us for now.

I’ve managed to hack into this internet capable plate (iPad) and I don’t want just anyone knowing about it, especially Dobie One (Marcelino). He thinks this micro-chip is a pet gps locator only. And I want to keep it that way.

Who knows he might get disappointed or mad at me one day and put up a firewall blocking my internet access.

It’s not a big deal if he tries to block access this micro-chip has a bunch of tools to circumvent any defense system world wide. But it takes a day or two to stealthily hack back into a device.

So don’t blow it for me, keep your lips, gums and teeth shut on the matter!

Hmmm, wow the food here is dry, don’t get me wrong it’s better than the “joint” (animal shelter), but my mouth and gums just ain’t with it.

Fortunately, Dobie One, left me some water in my apartment (Den), he’s pretty good at making sure I have my necessities around here. Well at least so far it’s only been two days since I met the psycho.

Oops, I didn’t mean to say that, forget I even said it.

Oh, wait I hear something, that was the big door out back, gotta shutdown, so standby I’ll be back as soon as he leaves or dozes off into a nap.

…Marcelino enters through the kitchen door with what appears to be a large box, “Hello Oscar, I’m back, you been a Good Boy?”. He carries it towards Oscar’s Den, “I seen you yesterday trying to look out the window. Your legs are too short buddy, but, I know what that’s like, when I was young I was real short too, so I got you something to help you see out the window.”…

….a slight red, then yellow and now a bright green light comes from Oscar’s right paw…

Okay, it’s clear now, he took some clothes out of a white box that has an upset stomach (dryer) and went upstairs to do something.

I seen a box in his hands and something he said about the window here, but, I couldn’t see because my curtains were blocking my view.

Let’s see what Dobie One was doing next to my apartment (Den/Crate).


Oh my goodness Dobie One is a craftsman! Look my apartment now has a balcony with a view! Wait till he comes back down here I’m gonna lick his hands and face!

Wait, no, I’m not, my momma told me when I was a puppy, don’t get all mushy with strangers they maybe carrying fleas!

So thanks, Dobie One, but we save the mushiness for later, Pal.

Yes, Pal, I’m starting too warm up a bit to him, remember I told you, Dobie One, is good at making sure I have the necessities.

Let’s see if we can charm our way into some luxuries the next time! Wait, go away, he’s coming down the steps, TTYL.


CHEW BONES: Oscar loves the outdoors and appreciates when I leave the front door open so he can see outside. But in the Las Vegas during the summer (oppressive heat) that’s not financially prudent (AC) for me.

When I shut the door he immediately runs over by the window and attempts (scratching on the plantation blind frame and wall) to look out the window. He also tried climbing on top of his Den for a view.

And that gave me the idea to get him some steps and place a piece of thick cardboard over the top of his crate to give him a nice perch to view out the window. I just got to remember to get a piece of plexiglass to replace the cardboard.





2 thoughts on “Dobie One is a Craftsman

    1. Thanks for the nice comments Karen. As far as thinking of everything I wouldn’t bet a nickel on that! 🤫😁 We shall see how that comment plays out lol


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