Dogs Plants and a Potted Doggie

A Black and Tan Chiweenie dog sitting in a flower planter.

Our morning routine is never complete without a little fresh air, sunshine and a some light gardening in our back courtyard.

We work on an assortment of plants, bushes and small trees in the flower beds and planter pots.

Oscar as you can see needs a little work on his landscaping techniques. Today Oscar’s just a potted doggie, but overtime we can just assume he will sharpen his skills or probably not.

Does your doggie love helping you out in the greater outdoors? Or helping you dealing with household chores in the house?

If so, put your paw down and post a comment below about your experiences and feel free to leave a link to photos on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Wait here comes Oscar; …

Okay, let’s get back to work, Dobie One, enough playing with your paws on that internet contraption!


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About marcelino guerrero

An entrepreneur, grandfather, disabled veteran, Chiweenie parent and rabid Philadelphia Phillies Phan. Retired (involuntarily); I enjoy impeding the progress of important and obnoxious people while exploring new ways to irritate my primary physician.