The US Postal Service and Chiweenie Dogs

Oscar reminds me of my youth and the U.S. Postal Service slogan, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”.

No, he doesn’t delivers envelopes, junk mail or packages, however he will deliver a potty to you directly if you scare him (submissive urination).

Excuse me, I digress.

Ah, what I am referring to is his consistent and extraordinary napping abilities. And he is not the only Chiweenie whom possesses this talent. I am a member of a Chiweenie fan club on Facebook and over 60 percent of the images posted there are photos of cute little dogs napping!

That being said, you could argue the fact that these aforementioned napping abilities by Chiweenies are identical to U.S. Postal Service carriers?

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Chiweenie doggies from the swift completion of their appointed naps”.

Hmmm, maybe I should copy-write that slogan for Oscar? 💵

Does your beloved doggie enjoy napping all day and half the night?

If so, put your paw down and post a comment below about their napping extravaganzas. Feel free to leave a link to photos on Facebook, Google, Flickr, Instagram or anywhere else for that matter, you can drop a hyperlink from, so we can see your precious ones napping.

Wait Oscar is waking up; …

… yawn, … Dobie One, I got a taste for a snack, wait, what’s with all the lights (flash, flash), Dude!

Okay he’s irritated now and has run off into the kitchen area where he’s sniffing his food bowl, TTYL.


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An entrepreneur, grandfather, disabled veteran, Chiweenie parent and rabid Philadelphia Phillies Phan. Retired (involuntarily); I enjoy impeding the progress of important and obnoxious people while exploring new ways to irritate my primary physician.