Boom Boom Doggie

First, I hope you enjoyed Independence Day, July 4th, with family and friends.

Frankly, the national holiday despite being a veteran is not on my list of favorite festivals.

I don’t handle fireworks all that well (combat veteran); they make me anxious, 💥 boom-boom, and I can’t sleep until the inconsiderate morons without watches, run out of toys, pass out or go home.

Oscar found this discarded boom-boom toy just 50 yards from our home. As you can see it’s empty and abandoned in the street left by the aforementioned inconsiderate morons. There is a dumpster less than 100 feet from the picture!

Oscar on the other hand is petrified of people, dogs and animals within the 100 yard range.

However, as a new dog owner I received a surprise last night from my pal, he’s a Boom Boom Doggie!

Oscar slept peacefully through all the boom-boom well into the wee hours of the night!

Let’s just say, I didn’t enjoy the same level of success. Sleepy, TTYL, people.


2 thoughts on “Boom Boom Doggie

  1. My oldest was scared of fireworks but he is deaf now so he is unbothered. He will go out in the yard with all the booming. My youngest is scared and finds places to hide. What I do is turn the TV on and my music up to try and drown some of the boom out. When my oldest could hear that helped him relax. The youngest is like I still know what is going on. I use to do it during thunderstorms too but he is on his own because I sort of like the sounds of those.


  2. Deaf? Aww… sorry to hear that. You like the sound of rumbling and rolling thunder? 😁 Oscar is immune to most loud noise, even my yelling at the TV set during the game. However, you got to keep your voice down when correcting him or you’ll be cleaning another accident. Or like your youngest he will go hide somewhere. I leave the TV (soap operas) on when I’m gone and he’s in his crate to keep him company.


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