Emergency Calling Dogs 911

Oscar’s nails on his right paw flash and glow with a green light…

Hello my friends, I got an emergency here at the house! Standby, I’m calling Dogs 911!

Oscar has hacked into Marcelino’s iPhone … while he’s upstairs showering… 911 what’s your emergency? …. Oscar’s is barking into the phone …

“Hello, yes, I need the Metro police to come right away, I’ve been burglarized! The bandits have stolen all of my property (toys, old t-shirts, sweat socks, hand towels and a small water bowl) out of my apartment! Hurry please…

… unintelligible barking is the only thing the 911 operator can hear … and Emergency Services hangs up …

Oh, sorry for the delay, I’m on the phone with the police; gotta be real quick now, I’ve been robbed of all my stuff while I was out back (courtyard) napping after my morning walk with Dobie One. Do you believe the gall of these bandits, they even stole my beige curtains that I like! Oh, I’m so pee-peed right now I could bite an elephant’s toe!

Oscar again barks at the phone … nothing but a busy signal can be heard

“Hello, hello, …busy signal … they hung up on me?”

…Marcelino, aka, Dobie One, is walking upstairs towards the steps leading downstairs…

Oh, I hear Dobie One, he’s about to come downstairs. He’ll find these scoundrels and get my stuff back! I know he will, so, I gotta go and explain this embarrassing moment to him. TTYL .

… Marcelino is downstairs now and looks at Oscar pacing back and forth and in a circular motion in front of his Den (he better not potty), “Dobie One“, I’ve been robbed! Help me, Please“!

CHEW BONES: Oscar hasn’t been robbed, he’s just a little confused at the moment. I’m cleaning (crate) and washing his belongings in the washing machine. Today is the first day I have performed this labor of love since the very first morning, when he soiled his crate. See post, Just Forget About Our Dog Troubles , for more information.

Was your doggie confused the very first time you cleaned their belongs? If, yes, what was their reaction?

And I would most definitely like to hear about it in the Comments section of this post. “So go ahead, put your paw down and post! ” 🐾


2 thoughts on “Emergency Calling Dogs 911

  1. I loved your blog this morning about cleaning Oscar’s crate out. Lilly doesn’t have anything in her crate. So I can’t really say how she would react.


  2. Thanks Karen for the nice comments. Does Lilly hoard her toys? Oscar hoards, toys, treats, and my shoes if I’m not careful in his crate. I wish I would’ve captured him efficiently returning all his stuff to his crate, it was hilarious! Like ok, this is mine, that’s mine and this is mine too. 😂


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