A Dog Rating is 2 Stars

…Marcelino, AKA, Dobie One, has just finished filling Oscar’s food and water bowls at dinner time. He’s still in the kitchen preparing his meal with his back to Oscar…

…Oscar licks his right paw three times in a circular motion…the nails in his right paw begin to glow slightly red, then yellow and now bright green…Oscar has just tapped into Marcelino’s iPad via his micro-chip. He begins tapping his paw on the floor next to the kitchenette table…

…Good Evening folks…

...Oscar’s ears perk up a bit as he intently listens to Dobie One, say and repeat the chant, Eat-Eat, Oscar, Eat-Eat! …

Okay folks that means, dinner is served! Let’s go see what’s on the menu tonight?

Sniff … Sniff.., Oscar steps backwards and turns in the direction of Dobie One in the kitchen….

Fish & Potatoes, Again!”

No, this is the fourth night in the row, he’s served that slop. I’m not eating that tonight!

No, no and potty #2 on that No!

Whatcha running here, Dobie One, a Two-Star restaurant?

…Oscar walks away and heads back to his den, enters and lies down…

The nerve of him trying to feed me the same ole dry-butt food every day. All this atmosphere maybe charming to some dogs, but I’m not gonna stand for no variety when it comes to the “eat-eat” menu.

And I gets whata wants! I’m not eating until he gives me something a little more tasty to eat.

... Dobie One, closes the oven door, looks around and notices Oscar not eating, chants Eat-Eat, Oscar again. Oscar doesn’t move from his crate.

Then Dobie One announces, your not gonna eat, Oscar, then so be it, but come 6:30pm that food will be gone, one way or another (eat it or it goes in the fridge)…

PLEASE, this ain’t my first Mexican Standoff, he’s forgotten I’m half Mexican (chihuahua), I can wait right here all night if need be.

Plus, I know he can’t resist how cute this doggie is, in a few minutes we’ll use the ole puppy eyes trick and he’ll break sooner or later.

…Oscar sits in his den in a statue’s pose while Dobie One watches the Phillies baseball game on the television as two full hours have passed…

Oh, tick bites and flea poopie, this old rascal is mentally tougher than I thought. Or am I losing my good looks and charm?

Ah, forget that thought completely, I know with supreme confidence this right here is a cute doggie!

Dobie One looks at the clock it’s approaching 6:30pm, he thinks about whether Oscar not eating will effect the important potty schedule. He decides to use some food he purchased by accident on adoption day to entice Oscar to eat…

Okay, he’s moving, hmmm, never seen that goodie bag before, oh, yes, I can hear the filling of my bowl, just gotta play it cool.

…Wait … a little longer …

…Eat-eat, Oscar!…

See didn’t I tell you that he would break!

Let’s see what we got, … Sniff…sniff, oh, nice we have chicken and peas here!

Until I see better service and more variety in the menu around here, I’m still rating Dobie’s diner as a Two-Star restaurant.

I don’t know Oscar, a little grace would be nice, and a thank you would be much better. Aren’t you forgetting about your good luck in him adopting you?

Well, you got a point there, but, honestly I’m picky about my food and I ain’t changing!

And No, I don’t care if it hurts his feelings! You know what I’ve been on this internet plate (iPad) talking to you too long.

You’re getting to be a bore, TTYL.

Oscar taps his paw 🐾…

CHEW BONES: Oscar just refused to eat his normal food on this night. This was the food recommended to me by his foster mother.

She was also insistent that I not change his food — it may cause him to have diarrhea. Need I say more?

Now she told me the brand to buy, Authority, Petsmart’s brand, but she didn’t tell me the flavor (or I didn’t remember).

After I shopped for all the required items in the Adoption care kit, at checkout no less she checked on me, (busy day for everyone), and noticed I got the chicken instead of the fish.

Well I’m not getting out of line on adoption day, when I return for Oscar, I’ll purchase the other dog food flavor.

That’s how I was able to make the switch, crossing my fingers it wouldn’t upset his bowel movements in the near future!

It may appear that Oscar out-witted me on this clash of free wills, but, his stubbornness did bite him in the hind quarters later in the evening.

Now, we’re 40 minutes behind our potty schedule, and his usual stalling in the potty zone, now wait for it…

as darkness fell while Oscar was executing his “potty #2 on that No”, the sprinkler system came on!

Karma. — Marcelino out.


2 thoughts on “A Dog Rating is 2 Stars

  1. Changing a dog’s diet can result in either the runs or really really bad gas. HAHA. It can be done. You just have to make the switch gradually. Like 2 cups old food and 1 cup new. Then in a week 2 cups new one old. Something like that. I am just using the cup thing as an example but it is a gradual introduction to new food. Anyway, that is what I was told by a vet or something before. That is also how I sometimes give mine the wet food. More dry with a little wet mixed it. My dogs are use to this though. Cause I just give them their dry food, some wet food, and some people food all the time.


  2. Gradual change, gotcha. I switched back out of fear of the “D” word, and added some warm water and spoon mashed the pellets. How long he tolerates the change nobody knows lol. But I’ll take your advice and start mixing a little at a time.


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