The Dog Details Dummy

Good day people …

Okay maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself with the title of this post. But your gonna have to trust me when I say the original title was much harsher. A few curse words, insults to handicap people and just before settling on dummy, stupid was edited out.

So why are your bloomers in such a bunch, Marcelino?

I’m glad you asked, the pulling of strangers teeth is not my forte. Don’t fret we will be friends soon and that will be possible (extractions) to include free root canals.

If, you don’t mind this post will serve as the first weekly update on my relationship with Oscar, AKA, Piss Pot. I’m gonna jump right in with the smaller dog details, then we will delve into the heavier dummy details.


The first three days Oscar readily ate his dry food like a cross country truck driver in a diner. The food went down quick, a clean bowl, no complaints and a tip (hand lick).

On the 4th day without proper notice, he won’t eat the dry food served in the morning then scoffs at his bowl at dinner time. Excuse me? “Eat-Eat, Oscar”!

Well this is the type of food (fish and potatoes) your foster mother says you like. She also told me that it’s not a good idea to change his food too soon, Oscar could get a bad case of diarrhea. Oh, Hell No!

So what’s the problem here, Oscar? I’m no short order cook working at Denny’s, just whipping out hamburgers on a Saturday night. That’s probably what he wants?

Photo of a Black and Tan Chiweenie eating from his food bowl

“Eat-Eat, Oscar”!

After about 40 minutes of staring at each other, I blinked first, the decision was made to give Oscar a different flavor (chicken and pea) of the food he likes, Petsmart Authority brand. I inadvertently purchased this flavor on the day I adopted him by accident, so it was in stock.

Of course he devoured it just like he ate the other flavor for the last three days. After no unusual bowel movements the next few days, on Saturday, being proactive, I went back to Petsmart and added the turkey and chick pea flavor to the menu.

The dog details, dummy, always be cognizant of the signals and take care of the nuances that go with the issue.

It’s clear to me now, be prepared for Oscar to get picky about his food in the coming weeks or I’ll be flipping burgers daily in the kitchen.


Frankly, as a former paratrooper, I’m not adverse to walking any distance, in any weather as long as it has a purpose.

Oscar just simply can’t get enough of the greater outdoors. He loves to walk, fast, faster and if possible fastest to include the farthest we can go.

Great, he’s keeping the old man in shape, so what’s the problem trooper?

He’s short in stature and has a habit of running behind obstacles I can’t, getting his leash caught, twisted to include knots!

Yes, remember our very first day together and the end table fiasco to include his threat of biting me, “Getting Off on the Wrong Paw“.

Oscar got himself wrapped around something the next three days, a bush, a tree and my ankle on potty to exercise activities.

Each time a heartbreaker, a choke and a yelp, then the fear, and the running from me. Each day was mentally exhausting for both of us on what’s suppose to be a relaxing and bonding period.

After the second choke and yelp, I got on Amazon immediately and ordered him a harness to get better control of his pulling to include a leash attachment which is located on his back to avoid ANY pressure to his neck trying to direct him from potential dangers and or tangling hazards.

Photo of a Black and Tan Chiweenie in the grass


Since childhood and encouraged by my parents, I’ve always been a voracious reader. Long before the internet, waiting for my parents to come home with the daily newspapers was my ritual. With my homework done, nothing but time to pour over the sports pages to include every box score for any sporting event.

Fifty years later, it took me no time to pour over three Google pages worth of Potty Training articles the first night. And of course, refresher re-reads the second night before nite-nite sleepy.

I accumulated the knowledge of approximately twenty so-called poopie training experts. I scooped up their tips on how to properly potty train a puppy, an adult dog and of course especially a rescue dog.

I’m now prepared because if we are going to do this potty training right we got to know the issues and concentrate on the dog details, dummy.



Well if your not a baseball fan, let me quickly explain this analogy. In baseball if a hitter (person with the bat) successfully hits the ball for a hit, 3 of 10 attempts, which is an 30 percent success rate, he is considered an OUTSTANDING hitter. If the hitter consistently hits this well for the life of his baseball career he is almost guaranteed a place in the coveted Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now what exam or job do you know that considers 30%, an A+ grade or promotion to the top of the corporate ladder?

None, except baseball.

Well if Oscar successfully pottied 3 of 10 times outside this week, I would have recommended him to be inducted into the Dog Poopie Hall of Fame.

Oscar struck out several times by urinating on the floor and depositing poopies on the first and second floors of our home. On my standard requirement of two successful potties (#1 And #2) per day, he did not successfully complete the task one day this week.

In all fairness to Oscar, he was consistent and successful with his Number #2s, both in the morning and after dinner potties. Number #1 he only successfully did once, but, outside the potty zone in the parking lot.

And before you go there, remember I’m retired and home ninety percent of his day. Oscar was walked several times each day, probably around six times. Not one day this week did my Fitbit register less than 10K steps!

But it’s okay, Marcelino you just missed something in the dog details, dummy.

Did you have similar troubles your first week after bringing your doggie home?

If yes, I would surely like to hear about it in the Comments section of this post. “So go ahead, put your paw down and post! ” 🐾

CHEW BONES: My voracious reading did pay one dividend, I read about and used a product called, “No-Go”, it’s a dog urinating deterrent which stopped the in house accidents. The product worked like magic on Oscar, Revoked Pee Potty License”, but it also produced a side effect and placed a spotlight on Oscar’s Submissive Urination dilemma this week.

Since he had nowhere to potentially hide from me and do his Number #1, he was just holding it or would let go in the flower bed. Something I didn’t like but tolerated (outside) after I discovered he was holding his urine.

Damn, poor, Oscar.

Oscar has his first Vet appointment on Monday.

I’m alarmed and puzzled about the how, but, I think Oscar has fleas. He’s scratching a lot, even after buying him a flea collar. And oddly, I have a few tiny bite marks on my back. So wish us well for our first check-up.


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