Pleasant Doggie Surprise

Another week has passed, I’m stressed out with Oscar’s finicky ways at mealtime and on potty patrols. I could really use some cheering up, you know, like a pleasant surprise party.

Feeling sorry for myself and in need of some “me time”, I head over to Petsmart.

What? Why?

I don’t really know why, but, Oscar recently took one of my shoes into his Den and it surprised me. Oscar rarely plays with any of the toys purchased for him. So of course I don’t want my shoes to become toys, specifically chew toys.


Oddly enough, it’s Adoption Day again at Petsmart and I run into Oscar’s foster mom in the parking lot. We chat a bit about Oscar’s progress, she does some cheerleading to keep me encouraged. I also mention to her that Oscar has fleas. She says he didn’t have them with her and it’s unlikely he has them, it must be something else (breadcrumb).

Just as I’m about to head into the store, from about 15 feet she yells, “OH, I almost forgot, Oscar loves water! Get him a pool, he’ll love ya for it! Don’t buy it here, go to Walmart it’s cheaper!”

Oh, what a pleasant surprise learning that Oscar likes water. That would explain how he can do a Number #2 potty with the lawn sprinklers on with no problems.

Photo of Chiweenie dog owners shoe in dogs crate

Okay, so with that tidbit, I head into Petsmart and get a few different chew toys and leave.

I’m still not ready to head home, a bit shaky from 19 people up my hind quarters in Petsmart while looking and buying various chew toys. That being said, there is no chance I’ll go to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. Not even if you gave me the superpowers of Flash am I going within a mile of Walmart!

Enough said.


So I get the bright idea to head over to Lowe’s to look and buy some little cactus plants. The prickly plant ironically soothes my nerves (anxiety). I’m in the garden center a lot.

And while checking out, the cashier and I make small talk about the cactus and the scorching Las Vegas heat. Then it dawns on me; ask her where one would find a “kiddie pool” (other than Walmart).

She giggles then replies, “Come on Sir, your in here at least 3 times a week, there’s a Kmart right across the street in the other mini-mall!” I sheepishly walk away with a grin on my face and load up the car with potting mix and cactus plants.

So onwards to Kmart and sure enough I’m not fully through the front doors, alas, a kiddie pool on sale, $14, right between the entrance doors. Sold.

I’m finally relaxed a bit as I head home from Lowe’s. I then decide to surprise Oscar, so first I put away the gardening supplies. Then the set up and partially fillling the pool in a shaded location where it will be convenient for both of us.

Basically not in the way when I’m doing or attempting to accomplish a (mostly unnecessary) task. I’m retired so that means breaking stuff to stay busy.


Y’all are grown doggie lovers you don’t need anymore narration now. Looka here, Oscar is an Aqua Dog!

Come on y’all know better, of course we have video:

CHEW BONES: The two chew toys, a small yellow rubber bone and a small red tennis ball, both were play duds today. Didn’t get a Sniff! Well then again you get a new pool on a hot day and you just might be slightly preoccupied?

Does you doggie like water? Do they have a pool to play in?

Let’s hear your experiences down below in the Comments Section. Go ahead put your paw 🐾 down and post!


2 thoughts on “Pleasant Doggie Surprise

  1. My Lilly does not like the pool. My Rottweiler did! She loved it. Lilly is a drama queen. I love your stories about Oscar! Love seeing him in the pool.

    Liked by 1 person

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