Chiweenie Do Right

If you grew up in the late 1960s or 70s, you are familiar with the cartoon character, Dudley Do-Right.

Dudley, a Canadian Mountie (policeman) was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was always jovial and conscientious to a fault going about his business of catching the bad guy.

Unlike many policemen portrayed in the media then and now, Dudley no matter what the circumstances were, he would do the right thing, even if it meant letting scoundrels get away (not often).

That brings us to Oscar my companion Chiweenie dog. He is an adopted rescue that’s maladjusted and has several socialization problems.

Well so does his owner, if you have been skimming or reading this blog, you already know that and some more!

Get to the point, Marcelino.

What we haven’t discussed until now, is all the right, exciting and precious things Oscar does on a daily basis.

The following is a list of the Top 5 — Chiweenie Do Right Traits, in Oscar’s behavior that have exceeded all my expectations since his adoption:

1. Did you know that Oscar while playing indoors is not only quiet but naturally confines his play to small areas? Specifically, he can clearly ascertain his boundaries (space) for play so he doesn’t damage anything indoors.

Outside is a totally different story, high energy playing with intensity. He’s not the best landscaper in the flower beds but he rarely digs, tramples or knocks over plants. He is also an excellent thermometer (gets into his pool when it’s too hot) and is of course superb at napping in the shade.

2. Did you know he has never been told “NO” twice for naughty behavior, like attempts to climb furniture or nibble on something? You tell him, NO, he never tries it again.

Baskets, gaming console, cords, pillows and drapery untouched, just 5 ft from his Den.

3. Did you know that Oscar has never attempted to dig, gnaw or scratch any carpet or furniture? The only furniture he touches is the ottoman which he comes to get ready to go outside (leash)(encouraged). And to rub himself when he’s itchy.

Somehow he knows, I don’t really care about that ottoman which I’m about to replace anyway. That being said, I probably should get something with coarse fabric that’s easy to vacuum?

4. Did you know Oscar is an excellent Watch Dog? He never made a peep of noise during the Adoption process. One of the main reasons I adopted him, he possesses a reserved and quiet demeanor. Oscar only barked once the very first morning and is always composed until someone approaches the door(s).

Then he goes into Homeland Security Alert, Orange, intense barking, growling and attack posturing. He’s little, so it’s a bit comical to watch in real time, but the mailman, UPS and Dominoes delivery guys aren’t so amused.

5. Did you know Oscar is as appreciative as I am of his crate (Den)? He enters whenever he gets nervous or tired. He will go and sit contently, if, I leave to run errands or when I’m showering in the morning.

Upon return he patiently waits for me to open the gate. No whining or cage rattling while I’m unpacking groceries or other items.

At night, Oscar senses and or understands when his bedtime is (10pm). He will move to his Den around 8pm and patiently wait for me to close the gate, then I head upstairs to my Den.

In closing, Oscar’s damn near perfect for a pet dog, companion and Watch Dog. So it’s pretty much up to me to help him with issues animal behaviorists categorize as maladjusted.

And I plan on doing just that.

CHEW BONES: Oscar is basically ignoring his toys, however, oddly enough all of them are in his Den (crate). I didn’t put them in there, so, this maybe a clue that I need to investigate. He is also immune to treat gratification and rarely eats them even in non-training situations. He appears to be content with “Good Boy, Oscar” for successful potties and such.

But I LIKE TREATS (cookies), so I’m gonna try a few different types of treats to see if something else pleases him. That’s only fair, right?

What is your favorite characteristic, trait or behavior you just love adout your dog(s)?

Let us all know by dropping a note in the Comments Section of this post. Go right ahead, put your paw 🐾 down and post!


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