Month: July 2018

A photo of a Black and Tan Chiweenie lounging in a doggie bed next to a window

Good day people … Okay maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself with the title of this post. But your gonna have to trust me when I say the original title was much harsher. A few curse words, insults to handicap people and just before settling on dummy, stupid was edited out. So why […]

Gotcha, for a moment there! After reading the title, you got an anxious thought that I might have actually taste tested Oscar’s potty? Number #1 or Number #2? Okay crude, I digress, my apologies, people. No, this blog post is more in tuned with a real estate transaction. The type of buying or leasing blunder that […]

…Marcelino, AKA, Dobie One, has just finished filling Oscar’s food and water bowls at dinner time. He’s still in the kitchen preparing his meal with his back to Oscar… …Oscar licks his right paw three times in a circular motion…the nails in his right paw begin to glow slightly red, then yellow and now bright […]

I will just assume we are all adults here. Let me ask you a question, have you ever bought a piece of clothing “off the rack” in haste? A hectic week at home with the kids, the neighbors are complaining about your dog barking at 2am, your boss is getting on your case, now it’s […]

…Oscar’s nails on his right paw flash and glow with a green light… Hello my friends, I got an emergency here at the house! Standby, I’m calling Dogs 911! … Oscar has hacked into Marcelino’s iPhone … while he’s upstairs showering… 911 what’s your emergency? …. Oscar’s is barking into the phone … “Hello, yes, […]