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e864d97d-0db1-43ee-bf1a-03a6c2b3e77b.jpegName: OSCAR, AKA – “Piss Pot
Species: Canine – Dog
Breed: Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix – AKA – “Chiweenie”
Age: 2 years
Sex: Male (neutered)
Size: Small (12 lbs) – Color: Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
Languages: Barks fluently in twenty-six different dialects
Status: Rescue – Adoption – June 2, 2018
Personality Traits: High Energy, Fierce Loyalty and Stubbornness
Technology: DoD advanced Micro-Chip (Top Secret)
Tradecraft: Watch Dog, Trailblazer and Blogger (companion)

Background: Oscar was an owner surrender at a Las Vegas, Nevada, local shelter. He came to the shelter with his sister Nadie, the two were bonded. Pre and post adoption, OSCAR suffers from separation anxiety, extreme nervousness to the point of trembling and is a submissive urinator.

Notes: He can be aggressive and will bite if he feels threatened.


Name: MARCELINO, AKA – “Dobie One
Species: Human
Race: Mixed
Age: 50 plus
Sex: Male (not as often)
Size: X-Large (fond of Nordstrom Rack) — Color: Bourbon or Dark Latte Brown
Languages: English fluently; Spanish horribly
Status: Retired – Disabled Veteran
Personality Traits: Loyal, Well Disciplined and Warped Imagination
Technology: Sensors – ARHD (Arthritic Rain/Humidity Detection System)
Tradecraft: Communication, Housekeeping and Alpha – (owner)

Background: Marcelino was a fast-paced entrepreneur and connoisseur of the good life. Heart disease and a myriad of side effects from serving in the U.S. Army (combat veteran) cured him of that illness. Today he is semi-retired (involuntarily) with an opportunity to reflect and repair some self inflicted damage with the help of OSCAR.

Notes: He can be aggressive and will bite (physically or orally) if he feels threatened.

Transparency: My given name is Marcelino Guerrero, son of Joseph and Mary Ellen, born to this world with love in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, over a half century ago. I have been blessed with a daughter and two lovely grandchildren.

Thanks for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here.

If you have a question or comment you feel uncomfortable about sharing in the Comments Section, then please feel free to respectfully contact us via email @ countmarcelino@outlook.com

4 thoughts on “Our Profiles

  1. I am wondering that if Oscar were reunited with Nadie would some of the problem behaviors be improved. Have you considered letting them visit each other if Nadie has been adopted? Would you consider adopting Nadie if she is still available? I can’t help but believe that Oscar’s problems that he came to you with are deeply rooted in the loss of a life long companion. Thank you for adopting him & for trying to help him!

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  2. Nadie? Something I found buried in his file. Sad. I concur he’s heartbroken in a sense. I don’t know where Nadie is and at this point afraid to ask. His file DID have an asterisk saying, bonded, adopt together! I am sure the adoption folks wouldn’t have deliberately over looked this! Yikes! Frankly, No, i don’t think I could handle two dogs, Oscar is challenge enough for me on a daily basis. Thankfully I’m retired and can spend time with him — 80% of his day (even though he naps 50% of that — 😃). But yes, you have to wonder what he would be like with her present. But I have a strange feeling that both were left outside to their own devices. He was so despondent when I met him, but, truly that’s why I adopted him. “He looked like he needed a friend and I could use a new friend right about now.” Thanks for stopping by Deborah, Oscar and I hope you visit again.


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