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Photo of a Black and Tan Chiweenie navigating steps

If you grew up in the late 1960s or 70s, you are familiar with the cartoon character, Dudley Do-Right. Dudley, a Canadian Mountie (policeman) was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was always jovial and conscientious to a fault going about his business of catching the bad guy. Unlike many policemen portrayed […]

Another week has passed, I’m stressed out with Oscar’s finicky ways at mealtime and on potty patrols. I could really use some cheering up, you know, like a pleasant surprise party. Feeling sorry for myself and in need of some “me time”, I head over to Petsmart. What? Why? I don’t really know why, but, […]

A photo of a Black and Tan Chiweenie lounging in a doggie bed next to a window

Good day people … Okay maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself with the title of this post. But your gonna have to trust me when I say the original title was much harsher. A few curse words, insults to handicap people and just before settling on dummy, stupid was edited out. So why […]

Gotcha, for a moment there! After reading the title, you got an anxious thought that I might have actually taste tested Oscar’s potty? Number #1 or Number #2? Okay crude, I digress, my apologies, people. No, this blog post is more in tuned with a real estate transaction. The type of buying or leasing blunder that […]

…Oscar’s nails on his right paw flash and glow with a green light… Hello my friends, I got an emergency here at the house! Standby, I’m calling Dogs 911! … Oscar has hacked into Marcelino’s iPhone … while he’s upstairs showering… 911 what’s your emergency? …. Oscar’s is barking into the phone … “Hello, yes, […]