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THE BASICS OF DOG HYGIENE A good number of individuals in popular society find dogs to be such fun additions to the individual or family. It, of course, comes as no surprise. They are so notably brilliant and always make great company irrespective of if they are purchased or adopted as pets and or to […]

A photo of a Black and Tan Chiweenie lounging in a doggie bed next to a window

Good day people … Okay maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself with the title of this post. But your gonna have to trust me when I say the original title was much harsher. A few curse words, insults to handicap people and just before settling on dummy, stupid was edited out. So why […]

Photo of a Chiweenie dog lying on a couch

VIDEO: Our little bedtime routine coupled with Crate training makes nite-nite sleepy time much easier. Oscar hears the dog food package rattle and immediately gets into position to get ready for bed and of course consume a tasty bacon treat.